Chapter 1.2

“Aoife…” a voice called softly from the darkness. “Aoife…” she looked down, her dress back on, people slowly faded in and out of her vision as if dancing.

“Hello?” She called to one couple as they passed, then another. She slowly started to walk, her name being called from all around her. She stopped suddenly, a terras slowly formed around her, screams sounding from scared faces of people running past her.

Then she saw her, the woman in black. Her dress blew in the wind as she turned to look at Aoife. “It’s coming, Aoife.” She had something in her hand, the light catching the metal ever so slightly, “or should I call you Raven?” She turned suddenly, pushing the metal object into Aoife’s chest.

Pain. Sudden, burning, ripping at her flesh.



Aoife shot up from her sleep, panting hard as she wiped the mixture of tears and sweat from her face. “Nightmare?” Aoife’s head snapped to her side, Kieren’s face looked at her sympathetically. “You’ve been making odd noises for about an hour.”

Aoife ran her fingers through her hair, “didn’t think to wake me up?” She pulled her knees to her chest and rested her head on top of them.

Kieren smiled, tilting his head, “I did not think it my place.” He slowly started to stroke Liena’s hair, her sleeping form curled up in his lap. “Also didn’t wish to wake her up, she’s had a rough day. She needs rest, as do you.” He looked at her with a knowledgeable gaze. Aoife knew what he meant, she had been the reason they had had a rough day to begin with.

“Ah… yes. My mistake.” She layed back down, Isi on her opposite side, the girls sleeping form snuggling into Aoife. Aoife turned her back to Kieren, she did not want to look at him. She spoke softer now, knowing his hearing was better than humans, as to try to avoid waking anyone else. “Why are you awake?”

Kieren raised his eyebrow, “I’m an Aatxe, we only need minimal sleep.” Aoife nodded, the back of her mind played the dream over and over, telling her to look at it, listen to it. It called to her to sleep again and watch it again.

“I don’t wish to sleep again.” She rubbed her chest lightly as she looked down to see a scar that hadn’t been there before, she had healed completely without mark, but now her chest held onto the scar of the pole. She traced it with her fingers the events from her dream pulled at her stronger now. ‘It left a mark… the dream… impossible…’ she thought to herself as she took a deep breath, enjoying the smell of the air after a fresh rain.

Kieren looked at her closer, his couldn’t stop it as his curiosity got the better of him. “What are you really?” Aoife looked over at him, sadness in her eyes from her little pallet. The voice in the back of her head screaming for her to insist she was Weissen Frauen, but she knew he wouldn’t believe her.

“I don’t know.” She rolled over the rest of the way, looking straight at him, “how… did you know?” He looked at Liena then back to Aoife.

“My grandmother was Weissen Frauen.” He sighed heavily, “We were never able to break her curse, she is still stranded at the edge of the sunset.” He looked her up and down, a small smile on his face, “and you look nothing like any Weissen Frauen I’ve ever seen.”

Gage stretched slowly as he woke up, his body felt better after his long sleep. “Morning Kieren,” he rose slowly and walked over to the dress and the pipe. Aoife sat up, watching him play with the fabric, ripping it into two section, the thinner outside lining and the thicker inside.

She got up and walked over to him, “what are you doing?” She reached over, touching the fabric she had been wearing not too long ago, her blood stood out harshly against the blue, her body cringed at the sight.

Gaged looked up at her, a small frown on his face. “I’m using your dress to make rope and the sail.” He pointed to the pipe and a couple more pieces of driftwood they had gathered. He walked over, picking up a few pieces before coming back and started to place the wood at different points, not caring if he woke the others up. To him it was past the time for everyone to be awake and start their chores for the day.

When they had first been stranded they decided each person would get a task to do, so that they’d keep busy and productive. Tai sighed as he sat up and rolled his shoulders, “I’m never going to get to sleep in, am I?” Isi rolled over, kicked lightly, and made some odd noises before she sat up, her hair stuck out in all sorts of directions. She didn’t say anything as she stood slowly and walked over to the side of the raft, stripped, and jumped into the water.

Aoife gasped and ran over to the side of the boat, her mind not understanding what was going on. As soon as she looked over the small ledge she let out a small sigh of relief. She was fine, floating in the water as she ran the tangles out of her hair. Aoife smiled lightly, “You scared the light out of me.”

Isi raised an eyebrow, her eyes closed as she floated and relaxed, “I don’t enjoy waking up.” She stated matter-of-factly before she disappeared under the water. Aoife turned around, sitting her back against the side of the raft as she watched the people in front of her. Tai turned to her, a smile on his face as he tried to help Gage put the sail together. He had a similar hairstyle to his sister, long, dark, braids here and there, they weren’t twins but you could tell they were siblings, Native American by the look of them.

Aoife studied him for a moment, his build spoke more than he did, tall, lean, probably an avid hunter from what she could see. Muscle definition but not in bulk so he could still put up a fight. Her eyes fell to his chest, which held a rather large black tribal bird, the tattoo looking almost as if it was branded onto him. Suddenly, a little piece of wood flew her way and landed at her feet. “My eyes are up here.” Tai told her, a wicked smile played at his lips as he watched her blush.

Isi pulled herself up from the water, her hair dripping wet, reaching right above the small of her back. There were a hundred different layers in her hair, almost like she just randomly cut it frequently. She looked at Aoife, then back to the boys. “They’re not half bad,” she watched Gage, her eyes peering over to look at Kieren who still held the sleeping Liena in his arms. “I swear, that girl sleeps most of the day away,” she stood and walked over, shaking Liena’s shoulder lightly, “Come on, Na.” Her accent held tight as she talked, Aoife had heard it before but not as thick as when she spoke to her then.

Liena frowned, her blond pixie cut hair falling in front of her face slightly, as she looked over to Isi, “no.” She snuggled back into Kieren, who laughed as he set her down and stood. He stretched and started over to the edge of the rafter. Liena looked at Isi, a small frown painted on her face, “you just have to ruin it, don’t you?”

Isi laughed as she shrugged her shoulders, “There is work to be done, Na.” She walked to their collection of scavenged items, picking up a makeshift net they’d made. “Your choice, net or scare?” Liena rolled her eyes, heading to the edge of the boat.

“Net of course, I can’t scare the fish like you can.” Aoife walked over, curious as to what they were talking about. She saw the net and understood they were going to fish, but how?

“What is that for?” Aoife questioned lightly, not sure if her question would be seen as idiotic or not. Isi smiled, picking up the net and handing it to Liena.

“We need food, and fishing is the way we do it. After 500 years, you pick up a thing or two.” Liena’s eyes widened as well as Aoife’s.

“Wait.” Liena spoke with a skeptical tone, “you’re 500 years old?”

Isi smiled and laughed, “add a few more years and yes, I am.” She walked back to the edge of the raft, jumping in as she swam around, getting a feel for the water. “I was around when Christopher Columbus decided to claim our land as his own. I was but a child, but it was… not what history claims it to be.”

Aoife looked at her, shocked that she could be that old, she looked no more than 25, possibly 28 on a bad day. If she was that old, then how old did that make Tai, he looked around 28 so how slow did their species age? She shook her head, deciding that thinking about it would only give her a headache as she sat down, watching them fish from her seat on the boat.

Kieren looked at the now almost finished sail, “perfect, we should hook it in and see if we can get this thing moving.” He helped Tai lift it up, Gage staying back as he realized they were much stronger than he was. When they got it up, Kieren quickly lifted the pole before he slammed it into the raft. It went through one layer of their floor before he stopped it, he did not wish to sink them, only to make the sail stick straight up. “Now to wait for wind.” He smiled at Tai and Gage, hope filled him as he looked around, they would go North, that would be the best plan.

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Chapter 1.1

Chapter 1
“We need something to put the sheet on to make a sail,” a man named Gage stated as he tried to pull a long metal pole out of the water.
They had been adrift in their large home made wooden raft and hadn’t found a way to get moving, other than the boys hopping into the water and kicking. He looked at his fellow raft mates a deep frown lining his face, “help me, it’s stuck on something.”
Gage felt as though he was the only one who seemed to care that they needed to find a way to dry land, however impossible it might feel. The five of them had been adrift for days and hasn’t come upon any land or other crafts. The girls sat under a makeshift awning, strong enough to keep the frequent rain from drenching them.
Kieran rolled his eyes, looking at the human male as he tries to pull the pipe. He walked forward taking hold of the pipe, his eyes turning a somewhat golden color as he pulled, starting to lift the pole with ease, Gage instantly backing off.
As the end of the pole got closer something odd was attached to the end. Kieran sighed looking behind him, “girls, look away please.” He didn’t want them to see what was about to be lifted into their boat.
With one more pull he lifted the pole onto the raft the body of a young woman impaled on the end. Liena gasped, her hand covering her mouth as she looked at the woman’s body. “Is she…” She knew the answer but she couldn’t help but ask. The girl looked perfect, almost as though she was asleep. The woman’s platinum blond hair, knotted and tangled, sticking to her pale white skin.
Kieran’s eyebrows knotted together before looking at Liena, “Yes.” He looked back to the girl, pulling hard on the pole, forcing it from the womans chest. They were in need of the pole and even if he didn’t, he couldn’t just leave her on it like that.
A small woman walked forward, her raven black hair tied in a braid, hanging down her back. She knelt by the woman, her hands touching the material that made up the woman’s dress. “We need this… we…” she paused, the thought of stripping the woman weighing heavily on her heart. Her whole body screamed at her to get away from the dead woman, her tribe was of the mindset that touching the dead was taboo. She took a deep breath, looking up at her brother, Taima. “We can use it in the sail. It’s long and there is a lot of it.”
Taima walked forward looking closely at the dress. The woman had been dressed very finely before meeting her untimely end, a jeweled necklace hanging from her neck, bracelets still on her hand. Her dress was long and flourished, the light blue of the dress contrasting with the black on the top. Though the blood took away from most of the beauty, you could tell she had been going somewhere important.
Liena walked forward, sitting down next to the woman, “Where do you think she was going?” She reached her hand out, touching the woman’s face with her fingertips, a sudden spark flying between them, shocking Lillian. “Ow!” She pulled her hand back instantly, watching the body with disbelief. “It shocked me!”
Gage stepped forward, inspecting Liena’s hand, “You’re fine,” he quickly put her hand down, tousling her hair lightly, before looking down at the womans body. Liena smiled, holding her hand as she inspected it herself. Gage frowned looking closer at the woman’s skin, unable to help but notice the sudden color to the corpses skin. He frowned, looking towards the others, trying to see if any of them noticed. Their distracted by the dress and trying to figure out how to fix it into a sail was evident on their faces. Gage reached his hand forward touching her skin lightly, a sudden jolt of electricity running through his body. He tensed up, unable to draw his hand away, his mouth opening but no sound coming through.
Liena looked up from inspecting her own hand, shock suddenly on her face as she screamed, “Gage!” She reached forward grabbing him by his shirt and pulling as hard as she could, the connection between him and the corpse broken. She cradled his head in her lap, his cheeks bright red as his breath quickened. He panted lightly, his eyes frozen open, though they didn’t seem to see anything.
The others looked up from the dress, rushing over to Liena and Gage, concern on their faces. “What happened?” Taima quickly checked the man’s pulse, seeing it was strong, he pressed his ear to his chest, hearing the heart beating. He opened Gages eyes, seeing the pupils dilate. “He’ll be fine, he’s okay. I think.”
Isi looked away from the man, noticing movement to the side of her. She looked down, noticing the womans hand twitching. ‘What?’ She thought as she watched more closely, “Guys?” She spoke softly, the woman’s hand forming a fist and releasing as her chest started to slowly rise and fall. Isi’s eyes widened as she watched, her voice rising in volume, “Guys?” Kieran and Taima were so absorbed in listening to Liena’s story they didn’t hear Isi’s voice.
The woman opened her eyes, her lips opening and closing before she looked at Isi, her eyes a dark blue, almost as if the ocean was trapped behind her eyes. Isi put her hand on Taima’s arm, shaking it lightly, “Tai!”
He quickly turned towards her, a frown on his face, “What?” He looked at her, the sheer shock on her face causing him to regret his small outburst at her. He followed her line of sight to the body, the woman’s eyes peering right at him. His own eyes widened as he reached over, pulling on Kieran’s shirt. “Dude… she… she’s alive.”
Kieran huffed, turning around, “what are you talking about?” He turned in time to see the woman slowly sitting herself up, holding her shoulders as she pulled her hair out of her face. She looked down at the center of her chest where the hole had been, it was slowly knitting itself back together, healing until there was no sign that there had been a wound at all. Her eyes trailed up, looking at the group as all eyes were on her. Kieran’s mouth hung open for a moment, his eyes widening, “what are you?” He nearly whispered as he watched her wound heal with the rest of them.
The girl looked scared, her eyes bloodshot from the salty water, her skin starting to form goose bumps from being soaking wet and the sun starting to set in the distance. She opened her mouth to say something, but nothing came out. She coughed a few times, Isi coming towards her to pat her on the back, “Now now, don’t push yourself…” She looked at her brother, her eyes turning serious as she spoke to him. “Give me your shirt.” Tai nodded, taking off his shirt and handing it to her immediately, not even taking a moment to think. He knew when his sister was dead set on something and wasn’t about to say no. Isi turned to the woman, a smile on her face, “Now, why don’t we get you out of that dress and you can wear Tai’s shirt.” She smiled, waving towards the boys. Tai turned around, pulling the other boys with him so their backs were to her as well.
The woman frowned before nodding slowly, seeming to come more to her senses the more time she was awake. “I… I…” She still had trouble converting her thoughts to spoken word as she stood, slowly taking off the dress she had been wearing. Isi took it from the woman, handing it to Liena, who hadn’t said anything the whole time. She couldn’t believe everyone was being so chill with this. She was in shock just watching the once dead woman standing there in front of them.
She looked around, throwing the dress on the floor of their raft. “Why are you all so calm about this!? This woman just came back to life!” She walked to Kieren sitting on his lap, her arms crossed over her chest, “I mean, come on. Is it just me or is that not right!” Kieren shushed her lightly, kissing the top of her head.
“Liena, this is not the time.” He looked at Isi and Tai, he knew they were fae, like him. He could smell it on them but the woman. She smelled human, too human for what had just happened to her. It wasn’t possible for a human to come back to life like that, not at all. Isi frowned, realizing the same thing that Kieren and Tai were both thinking of at this moment. She turned to the girl, smiling as she watched her play with Tai’s shirt as she put it on. It was clearly way too big for her, going down past her thigh. For once Isi was happy that her brother was over 6 feet tall. It was keeping this woman decently covered.
“I’m Isi, what’s your name?” Isi looked at the woman, waiting for an answer before she just looked at Isi, a small frown on her face.
“I… I…” It was the only thing she’d been able to say so far and it made Isi frown deepen. The woman was having a lot of trouble talking, though since the pipe had been through her chest, it was to be expected. Even if she could heal there is no telling what could have been damaged in the process, not to mention how much time her brain must have been without oxygen under the water.
Gage was the one to speak up, “what the hell are you?” He leaned forward, his head resting in his hands. His head was ringing from whatever she’d done to him. He felt tired, drained, like she’d taken all his energy and all he wanted to do was sleep. “You can’t…” He rubbed his eyes, barely able to keep himself awake. The girl looked at him, biting her lip, a look of guilt on her face. She knew it was her fault he felt so bad and it was eating away at her.
The girl backed away, worried about what the man might do to her. Isi frowning at the sudden withdrawal of the woman. “No, it’s okay, you don’t have to be scared.” Tai watched with Kieren from behind them. He looked at her, his heart racing for how he would protect his sister if things got sketchy. He looked around, seeing the clouds above them. He sighed a bit of relief as he felt small drops of water hit his face.
“I know this is all very interesting, but we should get under the awning.” Lightning sounded behind him, his sisters eyes turning slightly blue as the lightning hit the water a mile or so away. She looked at her older brother, nodding slowly. She knew the girl couldn’t be human and it scared her to think that their secret was so close to the surface with all the humans there. Tai stood, walking over and taking the girls hand, lifting her up into his arms and he took a couple steps, landing them under the awning. He sat her down, a small smile on his face, “Now, your name.”
The girl looked at him, a small voice speaking to her from the back of her mind, ‘Aoife… we are Aoife…’ she didn’t know what that was, but she felt that she should listen to it. She spoke softly, her voice a mere whisper over the sound of the thunder, “Aoife.” She said with a small frown, her name. She had given him her name, but was it hers? She wasn’t sure. She bit her lip, scooting as far away from the other as the raft would allow. It fit them all fairly easily, large enough for all of them, plus more if they happened to find them.
Kieren watched her from the corner of his eyes, looking at Gage the most. The man was already falling asleep where he was sitting and wasn’t going to get up from his seated position. Kieren sighed, bending down and lifting Gage with ease. “Sleep, we can talk more about this later.” He hoped by the time Gage woke up, he would forget everything he had just seen. It would be better for all of them if they just forgot.
Everyone was under the awning except for Liena, she stood at the other side of the raft, water slowly to fall from the sky again, her clothes slowly getting wet, the woman’s dress still in her hands. “Wh…” She looked at Kieren, being so calm and collected, this wasn’t what she thought was normal, or okay. “Why are all of you so calm…” She was slowly starting to spiral out of her shock into a panic. “She was dead, I saw her dead and now she’s alive!”
Kieren looked at her, a bit of pain in his eyes, “like I said, this is something we should all talk about later, after some sleep.” He walked over to her, taking the dress from her hands slowly, putting it on top of the pole they’d just fished out of the water. He stood back up, his tall figure looming over her as he wrapped his arms around her, in an attempt to comfort her. “Come, you’re getting all wet.” She sighed, blushing deeply but enjoying the close contact with him. She let him walk her to the awning before sitting, looking at the girl.
“We’re going to talk about this now.” She looked at all of them, a deep frown on her face, “why do none of you seem scared, or shocked that this woman just came back from the dead?” She looked at the girl, her frown turning into a scowl, “This… zombie.”
Kieren laughed lightly, a small smile on his face, “Zombies are not as kind as she is, and tend to be a lot more hungry.”
Liena looked at Kieren with a look that could kill, “This is no time for joking around, this is serious. You all are way too calm about this and I demand some answers.” She was about to say more but Kieren’s face suddenly turned serious, so serious.
His voice barely above a whisper, “I’m not joking…” He looked into the vast ocean that surrounded them. If it was just them, if they were all going to die anyway, why not tell them? What would it hurt? If they survived, he’d just claim they all suffered from mass hysteria when they fished the girl out of the water.
Tai, Isi and Liena all looked at him, shocked expressions on their faces, Liena spoke first. “What do you mean you’re not joking… you have to be joking there is no such thing as…” she leaned forward, whispering the word, as if it’d bring the very creatures he was telling her were real, “Zombies…”
Tai looked at Isi, an arched eyebrow, the girl nodding in return, ‘Kieren is one of us… interesting.’ Tai thought to himself as he leaned back, watching them all argue. Aoife staying quiet where she sat. She could feel the tension, it was suffocating, she wanted to panic, run, get away but… there was no where she could run to.
Kieren looked around the boat, a small sigh leaving his mouth, “I’m… fae, and judging by Aoife’s sudden burst of life, she is as well.” He waited for a moment, worried about what might come next. He could take the humans, feed off of their evil thoughts. Drain them of everything they had before they even knew what was happening to them.
Tai and Isi smiled, Isi bounced lightly, “I’ve never met another fae before, well other than Tai, but brothers don’t count, ya know?!” Kieren’s face turned to one of shock as he looked at Tai and Isi, a questioned look on his face, had he really found two other fae and never realized? Most fae stayed so hidden they rarely ran into each other, or at least, realized they were running into any others of their kind.
Tai arched his eyebrow, he was far older than his sister by at least 200 years, he had lived with their tribe before they were invaded and destroyed. He had met many other fae though, he wasn’t sure what kind the man in front of them was. “I am a lightning bird, my sister here is a thunder bird.”
Liena sat back, in disbelief as they talked, “what in the world are you all smoking?” She seemed too flabbergasted to show them how angry she really was. She looked at Kieren, a rather hateful look crossing her face. “What, are you going to tell me you’re some kind of fairy, with sparkly wings and some fairy dust that can lift us to Neverland?”
Kieren laughed, making her blush lightly, she had such a hard time staying mad at him. “I’m an Aatex.” Liena threw her arms up, a sound of frustration escaping her throat.
“I have no idea what that is, I have no idea was a thunderbird or a lightning bird is!” She stood up, ready to leave the raft but with nowhere to go. She turned around looking at the girl who had come back to life, “what are you? Hum? What’s your thingy?”
The girl looked at her, a small frown on her face, she didn’t know this girl, but she did feel more comfortable knowing there were more fae than humans on the boat. “I am…” the same low voice spoke in the back of her head, ‘say Weissen Frauren… they need not know what we are…’ she didn’t know why but she felt obligated to listen to the voice, “a Weisse Frauen.” Kieren’s head tilted slightly, watching the woman a bit more closely.
Liena looked at her, her eyebrows drawing together, “Yes, I totally know what that is…” She gave up, either they were telling the truth or they were all messing with her, either way none of it made sense.
Kieren looked at the girl, an eyebrow raised, “I’ve never seen a Weisse Frauen broken of her curse…” He arched his eyebrow curious at how the girl would react. It was nearly impossible to break a Weisse Frauen from their cursed lives, living only when the sun was at it’s peak each day. Aoife looked at him, inwardly cursing that he knew what a Weisse Frauen was. They were so rare, not many human or fae knew what they were.
“I was fortunate, broken of my curse over 100 years ago.” The voice in the back of her head spoke for her so quickly, she wasn’t able to stop it. She looked at Isi and Tai, neither of them questioning anything she was saying, though in her own head she was panicked. They seemed more interested in how Liena was handling the whole situation. It wasn’t every day that a human got to learn about them, and though Liena was handling it well, it was still a huge risk.
“Liena, you know you cannot tell anyone, what we’ve told you.” Isi, looked at Liena, a pleading expression on her face, “Having knowledge like this… will get you killed if the wrong people find out you know.”
Liena looked at them, frowning but shrugging, “I don’t think anyone would believe me anyway. A wees fruun and a aatess were on my boat!” She threw her hands up somewhat jokingly as she looked down at Gage, “you have to explain to…”
Before she could finish, Gage spoke softly, “No they don’t, I’ve been… listening…” His voice sounded weak, he had forced himself to stay awake, to listen to them as they spoke. “I don’t know…” he let out a sigh as he fought his sleep, “I don’t care what they are. Just don’t eat me.” He frowned, he knew from the start that they couldn’t tell anyone what had happened today. If people found out, who knew what people would do, to any of them.
Kieren hadn’t taken his eyes off of Aoife, his mind telling him there was something she wasn’t fully telling them. He sighed, listening to the sound of the waves, “We need to sleep, we will work more on the sail tomorrow. ”


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